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School Council

Each year, pupils are elected from Class 1 and 2 by their peers, to form part of the School Council. Austwick’s School Council gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. As a school, we value the thought, ideas and opinions of all our children, and this is one way in which the voice of the children is heard. The children work with an adult and focus on any matters of concern and ideas pupils want to put forward. The children meet regularly with Mrs McHardy and discuss the latest agenda and minute the outcomes.  



The School Council have organised a day to raise money for Children In Need, Dress Up for Down Syndrome Disco and other activities.  

They are also interested in the school becoming more environmentally friendly in terms of recycling and have begun trialing a plastic recycling bin in Class 2, as well as paper recycling throughout the school.  

The children have recently been discussing the issues surrounding ICT facilities in schools, something which they feel is problematic due to funding, not only in our school but other schools too. They have written a letter to MP Julian Smith to voice their concerns, and considering different ways in which Austwick School could highlight the issue surrounding the need for expensive technological equipment in schools.  

School Council findings on bullying in school